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Tips on How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

Posted by Euphory Girl on Selasa, 26 Juli 2016

Tips on How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

A pretty little girl who you can dress up and adore is angelic, to say the least. Many parents who still have the dream of bearing a girl cannot help but marvel at the possibility of making their dream come true. Is it possible to determine the gender of your baby? or how to get pregnant with a girl? The simple answer to this question is that � it does not hurt to try. There is no scientific evidence to guarantee gender selection but there have been age old theories or myths that seem to have worked for some people.

This article provides you with the theories that have been talked about for so long. If you follow the tips below and achieve your dream of getting pregnant with a girl; good for you. Just keep in mind that full facts on effectiveness are hard to determine.

9 Tips On How to Get Pregnant With a Girl

1- The Shettles Theory
Dr. Shettles came up with his theory in the 1960s. He claimed that there was 75% success rate in his method for conceiving a girl. The backbone of his theory is based on timing and more timing. Girl sperm is known to be more resilient and slower when it comes to swimming. However, boy sperm is fast and dry off faster. In this regard, Dr. Shettles concluded that having sex 2 to 4 days before ovulation was the key to give the girl sperm a better chance for fertilizing the egg. He claimed that sex should be avoided during ovulation because the faster boy sperm is likely to get to the egg first. It is worth noting that not having sex when you are ovulating reduces your chances of getting pregnant with any gender.

2- The Whelan Theory
This is yet another theory that claims 57% success rate. Compared to the Shettles theory, there is a clear contradiction. Dr. Whelan advises couples who want to conceive a girl to have sex 2 to 3 days before ovulation. She goes ahead to state that those who want a boy should have sex 4 to 6 days before ovulation. With these two theories, there are couples that have found an answer and success. Whether this success is based on fact or chance is the big question. Below are more tips that people swear by when it comes to conceiving a girl.

3- Sex position
It has been established that boy sperm swims faster and do no last long. In this regard, a sex position that will not have the semen deposited too close to the cervix will allow for slower girl sperm to reach the target first. In this regard, the missionary style has been labeled the ideal sex position to get pregnant with a girl. Styles that see deeper penetration like all fours will aid the fast sperm and in this regard will not be ideal. 

4- Disregard orgasms
There have been claims that the female orgasm triggers vaginal secretions that are alkaline in nature. This alkalinity is a haven for boy sperm to survive longer. Therefore, to make the environment hostile for the male sperm, acidity must be maintained and the way to do this is to put orgasms in the back banner. Having sex without orgasms for any woman is too much to ask but for the hope of conceiving that little girl; many will not hesitate to try.

5- Increase sex
There is another theory that having a lot of sex in the time leading up to ovulation will be the key to conceiving a girl. The reasoning behind this is that the man will ejaculate a lot reducing the sperm count which will also reduce the production of fast swimming male sperm. With this respect, the slow swimmers will be left making it an ideal situation to make a girl.

6- A hot bath
It is believed that boy sperm does not like heat. In this regard, a man taking a hot bath right before sex may discourage the fast swimmers. It sounds like a quick remedy to make a baby girl but if the odds are not against you, who knows; it might work.

7- Reduce salt
Some people have claimed that keeping your salt intake low is the key to conceiving a girl. Overall, a low salt diet is very healthy and it does not hurt to improve your diet. To achieve this, avoid cured and slated meats, blue cheeses, olives and processed foods. In addition, cut the salt used for cooking. In the end, no matter what gender you conceive, this is a great health decision to make.

8- Eat more acidic foods
As alluded to earlier, boy sperm does not thrive in an acidic environment. In light of this, there are claims that eating acidic foods will help encourage the girl sperm. The idea is to alter your vaginal pH through the food. Some acidic foods to consider are soda, chocolate, and vinegar. At the same time, avoiding alkaline foods will help to maintain acidity. Alkaline foods include almonds, cucumbers, avocado and apples. Keep in mind that having an acidic body is not healthy for you. In addition, alkalizing foods deliver vital nutrients that will help in the development of your baby whether boy or girl.

9- Turn to fruits and vegetables
Some people believe that eating more fruits and vegetables can increase your odds of conceiving a girl. Foods such as spinach, broccoli and nuts have been highly praised. Leafy greens, fruits, and rice are particularly loved as part of a vegetarian diet. Some claim that it is the high amounts of calcium and magnesium that do the trick.

Clearly, there are so many remedies that claim to work well when looking on how to get pregnant with a girl. Do not forget that nothing has been proven scientifically and in this regard, there is no guarantee that any method is going to work. Consulting your health care provider on this issue will shed more light and help you get to understand the dynamics therein. Ultimately, you want to conceive a healthy baby and this should be your focus as much as you are seeking for a certain gender.

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