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Tips Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention

Posted by Euphory Girl on Selasa, 26 Juli 2016

Tips Dermology Stretch Mark Prevention

The appearance of stretch marks is inevitable more so for most of the women. There are several questions that people frequently ask concerning stretch marks, but only doctors or individuals with an interest in science can claim to have asked this question. What most people wish to know is what causes stretch marks, and how to get rid of them. To be able to deal with stretch marks, the first step is to analyze how it comes to form out of a healthy skin. A stretch mark can be classified as a tear in the skin dermis that occurs when the skin has been forced to stretch beyond its natural elasticity

The stretches are short and linear, but those caused by pregnancy can be longer and concentrated. With the improved laser treatment for stretch marks, you have the option to get rid of the marks safely and improve on the smoothness and beauty of your skin.

The Laser treatment option is quick,simple and painless and remains one of best interventions meant to restore the skin to its natural beauty. Laser technology is a nonsurgical procedure that involves a series of treatments on the affected areas. Stretch marks are usually caused by puberty, weight changes, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. Regardless of the cause, it takes only a few laser treatments to reveal a smooth, unblemished skin.

Laser Treatment over Cream
Experts have used fractional laser systems for stretch marks and from that experience, it can be confirmed that this is the most efficient method of treatment. The technology behind the use of laser rays is to help in the creation of collagen as well as making the surface affected by marks smooth. Patients will be able to notice a massive improvement in pigmentation blending after a series of treatment sessions. This procedure also aids melanin cells to migrate to stretch mark concentrated areas.

Creams, on the other hand, are said to be unsafe and contain chemical properties that may cause long-term side effects to patients. They also do not solve the problem permanently, and patients will need to use them from time to time.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks with Fraxel 
The tear in the dermis is permanent and cannot be repaired, but can be remedied by rebuilding the layer of collagen adjacent to the stretch mark to force a reaction. The resultant response, in this case, is the shrinking of the tear in the dermis to make it less visible. After multiple treatment sessions, the marks become completely invisible, and the skin becomes even and beautiful

How many Laser Treatments do you need?
The number of treatment sessions for stretch marks is not fixed, and will depend on some factors:
  1. Type and color of your skin
  2. Severity and density of stretch marks lined for treatment
  3. The area to be treated

Preparation for Laser Treatment
Laser rays emit some heat that can cause hyperpigmentation, especially to dark skins. To that effect, patients with dark skin tones are provided with a suppressant for pigmentation that should be used a few days before and after the treatment. The doctor in charge of your treatment should avail all the necessary material to facilitate an easy procedure.

How Soon Can You See Results After Laser Treatment? 
Laser treatment is a process that takes a while, many months to be precise. Therefore, you cannot expect instant results after just a single session. Your doctor should evaluate the severity of your stretch marks before deciding the number of treatment sessions needed for a successful operation. Usually, marks disappear slowly as you progress with the doctor?s program provided you follow it promptly.

What are the Benefits of Laser Treatment? 
Of all the available stretch marks treatment options, the Laser technology emerges as the most effective one, with so many advantages to the patient. These benefits include:

1. It is safe ? Most people are scared by the idea of surgery, but the good news is that this is a safe procedure that involves no surgery, in part or its entirety. Patients go through painless treatment sessions that are split at intervals.

2. No cure downtime ? At no time will you be bedridden or limited to your activities just because you are undergoing treatment. As a matter of fact, your life goes on as normal, save for the moments you?re with your doctor.

3. Enhanced skin appearance ? The use of laser technology ensures that the region affected by Marks takes the same skin tone as the original skin without leaving traces of burns.

4. Comfortable sessions ? It is a painless procedure that takes only a short time to complete.

5. Minimal side effects ? As it is nonsurgical, there are minimal side effects linked with laser treatment, and it is safe for all skin types.

Are there any Side Effects Involved in Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks?
The only common side effect associated with laser treatment is reddening and some burning effect on the area of operation. This, however, takes only a few days after treatment before disappearing. Thus, laser treatment has a higher safety margin compared to other stretch mark treatment plans.

Where can you get the Best Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks? 
There are several clinics from where you can get high-quality treatment today. Treatment of stretch marks using the laser technology has become so popular lately, but that does not rule out the presence of rogue practitioners. It is advisable to carry out a thorough survey of the dermatologists or skin specialists around so that you to be able to identify the best. To help you get the best treatment, consider the following:
  • Clinician experiences in the field.
  • Qualification and certification.
  • Doctor?s personal track record.
  • Communication skills.

Laser treatment for stretch marks is one of the most effective and safest methods of removing stretch marks and naturally happens to be one of the most expensive procedures. The overall cost is usually determined by the number of sessions required for a complete treatment, but a single session goes for approximately $200. However, this cost may vary from doctor to doctor, with more experienced doctors charging more. Geographical location of a clinic is also a factor. It is imperative for patients to note that these costs do not include other expenses like pigmentation suppressants and other medication for averting resultant side effects.

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