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Pregnancy Showing - When do you start to Show?

Posted by Euphory Girl on Selasa, 26 Juli 2016

Pregnancy Showing - When do you start to Show?

Isn?t it a heart throbbing moment when you first realize that you are pregnant? Well, your excitement may have mixed feelings about the whole pregnancy process. The moment you get pregnant, everything from the outside looks pretty healthy. At this point, your foetus is too tiny to make any impressions on your belly.

There are women whose clothes end up being too tight for them at this early age. But; it is not to mean that your baby?s size is the cause. It could simply be a sign of early pregnancy bloating due to the rising hormones. For your baby to form a nice round belly, it will take some time. Note that every woman is different from the other. Thus, it means that the belly shows in each woman at a different stage. So; the question is, when do you start showing during pregnancy?

To answer this question, understand that each pregnancy varies from the other. Other things that affect this period is the number of times a woman has conceived, if you have had a retroverted uterus in the past, your muscle tone, and the list goes on. Ideally, in the first trimester, it is a little difficult to distinguish between a showing belly and added kilos! Perhaps this does not sound too good for first-time moms. Well, there is more to this. The truth is; there is no set period when new moms can start to show.

For new moms, showing can be noticed in the early 12-16 weeks of pregnancy. However, for those that have had other pregnancies before, showing can start earlier. This is due to the already stretched belly and uterus muscles from earlier pregnancies.

Pregnancy Basics
In the early pregnancy days, your uterus is in the form of a pear. Towards the 12th week, it gradually gets more rounded. At this point, your belly may begin to show! Otherwise before week 12, your baby is only an embryo. Towards the 16th week, your uterus stretches further to accommodate your growing baby. The good news is that in many occasions it is hard not to notice your enlarged belly! 

By now, it should be apparent that new moms show later than second-time mothers. Although this is true to a certain degree, this theory is dependent on various factors like body type, weight and the position of the baby in the uterus.

On average, most women start to show in the second trimester. Between week 14 and 17, the pregnancy is usually the size of a small melon. In these weeks, it rises above the pelvic cavity making it show above the waistline. If you have not bought maternity clothes at this stage, you will probably need to shop. Do not be surprised when you notice a rise and fall of your belly size. Once a bowel movement happens, the belly size may decrease.

With the excitement, many pregnant women have, it is easy to confuse a gastrointestinal occurrence with a growing belly. It is indisputable to say that although your baby is growing, it takes time for it to be visible. Do not be disappointed when your uterus fails to show in both the first and second trimesters. It is normal for it to show in the third trimester.

First Trimester Showing
If your belly shows in the first trimester, there are explained reasons to that. First, you may be having twins, congratulations. A late show can be caused by one major reason. Hyperemesis gravidarum. If you had hyperemesis gravidarum in the early pregnancy, your pregnancy would most likely show later than expected. 

At times, even a first-time mom can show early on in the pregnancy. As much as early showing can be a visible proof of pregnancy, this can be disturbing and cause fear. But, there is good news.

Constipation and bloating are very common in early and late pregnancy. Once your hormone levels such as progesterone increase, they can lead to bloating. As such, your belly is only filled with gas and hormonal level increase, not an enlarged uterus. Also, women that have less abdominal muscle tone show earlier. This one is more common in women that have had other pregnancies before since the abdominal muscles are already stretched.

The other common reason is the second pregnancy. After giving birth the first time, the uterus does not return to its original size. This condition is what gives the second pregnancy a head-start. In fact, most second time mothers are likely to show a month earlier than they did in the first pregnancy. Eating too much also contributes highly to an enlarged uterus in the first trimester. It is advisable for pregnant mothers to eat small proportions.

Conception dates miscalculation is very common. Your doctor or an informed friend may say your belly looks larger than the dates you are giving. Women that do not expect to get pregnant are subject to wrong dates because most do not track their menstrual cycle. An ultrasound, in this case, is the only one that can prove your gestation date. 

Second Trimester Showing
Regardless of the body type and size, most women will show in this trimester. In this second trimester, it is when you will experience major changes in your body as your pregnancy symptoms subside. Your pelvic joints may begin to ache.

Note that your baby is growing at a fast rate and causing a lot of strain on your joints. While sitting down, it will be necessary to get the support of a cushion to ease the pain. For second time moms, the pain is felt more than it was in the first pregnancy.

Third Trimester Showing
Are you a first time or a second-time mom wondering why your pregnancy has taken too long to show? Do not panic, especially if your doctor asks you not to. There are certain factors that influence late showing. Your age has a lot to dictate on when your pregnancy becomes visible. Young moms show later than older moms. It is because young mothers have stronger muscles that can quickly disguise a bump. Showing late is not a signal that your baby is too tiny. Your body type could be a reason for showing late even with a healthy baby.

Your genes also affect your pregnancy. Feel free to ask you aunties, your mom, and other close relatives when they began to show in their pregnancy. This will give you a signal on when you can expect to show. Your size also plays a significant role in your pregnancy. Petite women show earlier than bigger women.

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