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How To Make Boobs Bigger

Posted by Euphory Girl on Minggu, 24 Juli 2016

How To Make Boobs Bigger
We live in times that place a lot of emphasis on women?s physical appearances. Consequently, many ladies with flat chests or reduced breast size are looking for ways to increase the size of their breasts. How to make boobs bigger without surgery is what the women of today are looking for. This is because using natural methods to increase breast size does not entail either the cost or the health risks associated with the surgery.

The breast of a female starts to increase in size at the time of her puberty and continues into different stages of her life. However, some women have smaller boobs because of several different factors including genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition and low body fat content, among others. This aim of this article is to list down a few tips on how to make boobs bigger. This, in turn, will help you to regain your lost confidence.

1. Know about your breasts
It is a good idea to gain some knowledge about your breasts. It is important for you to know that both exercise and nutrition affect the size of your breasts. You should be aware of their functions and the different ways in which you can take care of them.

2. Gain some weight
Gaining weight is one of the easier ways of making your boobs bigger. The fat will fill out your boobs just like in other parts of your body. Eating sugary and fatty foods like cheeses and cookies add to your calorie intake and soon you will notice increased bust size. However, it is important to realize that consuming fatty and sugary foods over the longer term can be detrimental to your health.

3. Adjust your diet
You can make your boobs bigger by adjusting your diet. Having food that contains estrogen will work to improve bust size as this hormone is responsible for breast size in a woman. Natural foods that are rich in estrogen include lentils, chickpeas, cheese, fenugreek seeds, grains including rice and wheat, and spices such as oregano and sage, among others. Studies have indicated that foods containing phytoestrogens also help to increase bust size in pre-menopausal women. Phytoestrogens purportedly stimulate the adipose tissues of breasts which contribute to an increase in their size. Foods that contain phytoestrogens include nuts such as walnuts, cashews, and pistachios, fruits such as peanuts and strawberries, black and green tea, soy products, etc.

4. Do the right exercise
The breast is positioned on top of the pectoralis major muscle in the body. Strengthening this muscle can lead to enlargement of your breasts. Breast lifting and breast firming exercises will be of great help. Listed below are a couple of exercises that you can do regularly which will help to increase the size of your boobs.
  • Regular push-ups against the floor help to firm the breasts. Medicine ball push-ups can also be performed.
  • Rear lateral raise which involves holding a couple of dumbbells facing each side with your hands (let them hang down). Bend both your knees slightly and body (from the hips) so that they remain almost parallel to the ground. Raise your arms to the side until they are parallel to the shoulder. Lower your arms again and repeat the cycle a specified number of times every day.
  • Other exercises that can be done regularly to enlarge breast size include wall press (which is pretty much like doing a push-up against the wall) and fly lift.
5. Breast massage can help
Regular massage of the breasts, employing the right techniques, will result in improved circulation and promote the growth of healthy tissues in the breasts. This also helps to increase the firmness of the breasts. In turn, they contribute to increasing the size of the boobs. 

6. Spruce up your boob?s appearance
This is very important because choosing the right underclothes can make your boobs appear larger. Most women end up wearing a wrong-sized bra that makes them look smaller than they actually are. If you wear a bra that fits you perfectly, your breasts tend to look bigger. This is an important tip as far as the question, how to make your boobs bigger? is concerned. Going to your favorite lingerie store and investing some time in picking the right bra for your body can really work wonders for you.

Other important points include picking out the correct band size, hooking your bra in a position that makes you feel most comfortable, and wearing different bras for different types of clothes. Wearing padded or push-up bras are also found to be helpful at times. However, you should avoid wearing thin bras and never stuff your bra with tissues as they cannot assume the shape of your breasts. They may eventually cause you some embarrassment. Further, it pays to wear figure hugging clothes. Breasts appear smaller when you wear loose and flowing clothes.

7. Mind your posture
Another important aspect you have to keep in mind is maintaining an erect posture. Keep your spine straight and your shoulders raised. Then your breasts appear perkier and bigger. If you slouch, your boobs tend to slouch too.

8. Be wary of supplements
I have never had anything done. I?ve been asked if I had breast implants. Whether I did or not, it?s nobody?s business but my own. Shannen Doherty

Beware of pills, botox injections or supplements that promise to increase the size of your bust. A majority of them do not work. It is a good idea to talk to a medical specialist before taking any of these supplements. Worse still, they may even cause negative side effects. It is in your best interests to make you boobs bigger using natural methods such as diet and exercise. Breast pumps are sometimes used to increase their size. A gentle suction is applied to breast tissue. This helps to enhance the blood flow and stimulate tissue growth.

Breast augmentation using implants can be resorted to for increasing the size of your boobs if all the other methods explained above are of no use. However, this repair method resorts to only if the shape of the breast gets altered because of removal of a cancerous growth or congenital defects. The breast can be reconstructed for cosmetic purposes as well. However, the risks associated with it and the costs of the surgery are both high. If you use breast implants, you may have to stop breastfeeding. Further, you may need more than one surgery to experience reasonable results. Wrongly done surgeries can bring along a lifetime of suffering.

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