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Essential Oils for Cellulite

Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 23 Juli 2016

Essential Oils for Cellulite

Cellulite, also known as adiposis edematosa, is a condition that occurs when fat cells under the skin push up against it, resulting in a dimpled, puckered appearance. Cellulite begins to form during puberty and often affects the thighs, buttocks and sometimes the lower abdomen. It sometimes occurs in men but is most common with women and statistics show that up to 98% of women will be affected by cellulite at some point in their lives.

Doctors classify cellulite into three grades:

Grade 1
This type exhibits no clinical symptoms but when observed under a microscope, the skin shows evidence of puckering and signs of the effect developing into more visible forms. Grade one cellulite will not be visible when you are standing or sitting but pinching the skin will reveal its existence.

Grade 2
Here, the skin will appear puckered when a person is standing and smoothen out when they lay down.

Grade 3
Grade 3 cellulite is clearly visible, regardless of whether a person is standing or lying down.

Cellulite is further classified into soft cellulite and hard cellulite. Soft cellulite affects larger areas of the body and manifests itself in saggy fat cells that seem to move around. This type of cellulite is more noticeable as it does not attach to muscle and is thus easier to treat. Hard cellulite is found closer to the muscle tissues than the skin and is commonly seen in athletic people.It can be difficult to treat due to its proximity to the muscles.

Causes of Cellulite
Cellulite has often been associated with being overweight but the increasing cases of skinny people suffering from it are disproving this assertion. No one really knows what causes cellulite but several theories have been put forward as probable causes. The following are the factors that are most commonly thought to cause the condition: 

1. Poor diet
A poor diet high in sugars and fats can lead to an increase in the number of fat cells in your body,which results in their pushing up against the layers of your skin,with the final effect being the development of cellulite.

2. Fad diets
Diets that result in your losing large amounts of weight in a short time can affect the elasticity of your skin and make fat cells more visible on the surface of your skin.

3. Slow metabolic rates
Poor metabolism affects the rate at which your body burns fat, which means that you have more or larger fat cells,and that can contribute to your skin having a �dimpled� look.

4. A sedentary lifestyle without exercise
Lack of exercise leads to an increase in the number of fat cells in the body.It also causes the fat cells you already have to become larger and push up into the skin.

5. Hormonal Changes
Hormones like estrogen, prolactin and thyroxine have been linked to the formation of cellulite.

6. Wearing too tight clothing
Tight clothing can restrict the flow of blood in the body and contribute to the formation of cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments
There are many options available for the control and treatment of cellulite:

  • Cellulite creams. Cellulite creams work by dissolving fat cells and making the skin smoother. They also narrow out the blood capillaries and force water to the surface, resulting in a flatter and less bumpy skin. However, cellulite creams do not work in the long-term and have been found to be dangerous for people with circulatory problems. Some of the active ingredients in cellulite creams also cause allergic reactions in some people.
  • Liposuction. Liposuction involves the surgical removal of excess fat cells from under the adipose tissues in order to improve the appearance of cellulite. However, this often creates depressions under the skin and may worsen the existing condition.
  • Mesotherapy. This procedure involves injecting vitamins, enzymes, and amino acid into the subcutaneous area of the skin in order to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and the subsequent reduction of cellulite. It can be effective in the short term but has side effects such as swelling and infection.
  • Laser treatments. Laser treatments melt fat under the skin and stimulate collagen production, which in turn improves the appearance of the skin.
Essential oils for cellulite treatment
Many of the traditional treatment options available for managing cellulite only work in the short-term and have several side effects that render them dangerous. However, it is possible to get rid of cellulite naturally without putting your health at risk. Among the best ways to treat cellulite is the use of natural essential oils. The following are the 5 best essential oils that will help you to get rid of this condition and keep it at bay:

1. Grapefruit Oil
Grapefruit oil has several attributes that help with the reduction of cellulite. It is high in vitamin C and helps to remove toxins from the body. Further, it has been proven to help in the control of obesity, which further reduces the severity of cellulite.

2. Juniper oil
Juniper oil reduces water retention in the body and flattens fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Massaging the affected areas with this oil will help get rid of the bad cholesterol that causes cellulite.

3. Citrus oil
This oil allows the blood to circulate better, reduces lymph fluid retention and helps to tighten and firm up the skin.

4. Rosemary Oil
Rosemary oil is one of the best essential oils for the improvement of blood circulation. It clears lymphatic blockages, which reduces the size of fat cells and results in the overall improvement of cellulite.

5. Cypress oil
Cypress is a powerful astringent and works by improving blood circulation and removing toxins from the body. This can affect the way your body metabolizes fat and reduce the number and size of fat cells, thus improving the appearance of cellulite.

Essential oils have many properties that help to treat and improve the appearance of cellulite. They get rid of toxins that accumulate in fat cells, improve blood circulation and tighten the skin for an overall firm look that changes the overall appearance of the patient . Further, they can help with appetite control and weight loss, which reduces the size of already existing fat cells and prevents the creation of others . As natural solutions, essential oils are one of the best ways to get rid of your cellulite and keep it at bay for good.

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