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Girlfriend in a Week Review

Posted by Euphory Girl on Selasa, 19 April 2016

Girlfriend in a Week Review
Girlfriend in a Week is a dating guide for men that can serve seasoned PUA�s but is more perfectly suited for beginners. It does away with canned pickup lines and playbook techniques that other programs rely on and builds itself on a foundation of attraction principles and dating fundamentals. It works both on your inner and outer game without requiring you to be a sleaze or a prick to women.

This program is authored by Jonathan Green. He is a well-known figure in the dating industry (via his nickname the �London Paladin�) and has been giving dating advice to men for more than a decade now. He doesn�t have any relationship counseling certification but let�s face it, the dating and �attracting women� field is not really (nor should it be) a government-regulated industry, right? All his credentials have are lots and lots of personal dating experiences and interviews from top dating blogs online. He does have a Masters degree (with Distinction) in Education from King�s College in London so you can expect him to know how to attract and seduce women while also being good at teaching it.

Moving on to the program itself, Girlfriend in a Week is packed with dating information. In fact, the main program (not including the video nor the bonuses) contain 62 different sections, all discussing a different aspect of seduction and �attracting women� � inner game, outer game, openers, dressing up, complimenting, you name it. Now it would be impractical to discuss them all here so we�ll just give you an insider look on some of the interesting bits.

There�s an interesting analogy about how complimenting a girl (or anyone for that matter) is like a gift. We don�t want to give the secret away but this minor difference in perspective lead us to an amazing realization. If you are able to adopt this type of attitude when complimenting women, you would definitely experience a huge difference in reactions and results.

Another section talks about how to keep a good conversation going, and going, and going with a woman and why conventional conversation rules with friends and colleagues don�t apply to (and can be a hindrance in) meeting and seducing women.

Yet another section we find important is called �skinship,� which talks about the power of touch. This crucial section gives you a detailed account about touch � from how to use it as a tool to gauge and build attraction all the way to what�s appropriate based on the level of relationship you have with a woman. You don�t want to mess up your chances with a woman by touching her in a way that makes her uncomfortable, do you?

And as the last section we would like to give you an insider look to, Jonathan shares that one thing which can build instant attraction between two people. And no, it�s not money or fame or looks. It�s a thing that you must find and develop (which Jonathan helps you do via this program) to become irresistibly attractive to women and a thing that any decently dateable woman must have to be worth your while. This thing starts with the letter �P� and that�s all we are going to say about it.

There are several other important dating and seduction topics discussed inside but we don�t want to spoil anything for you (plus we don�t want to get sued for infringement or whatever). What we can say is that each topic deserves to be part of your dating and seduction toolkit. Every topic covers a different aspect of dating and seducing women, but all of them move you towards the same goal nevertheless.
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