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Your safe retirement package - your safe retirement coach

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 28 Maret 2014

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You've worked hard your whole life. You've dreamt of the days when you can finally do what you want, when you want. So how do you ensure that you enjoy the golden years that you've worked so hard to achieve? After enduring personal tragedies and studying the current realities of retirement, Jack Tatar, known as America's Safe Retirement Coach discovered that a safe and successful retirement is about so much more than just having enough money. Let him show you the 'Four Keys' to making your retirement dreams come true!

After a decade of conducting research in the area of retirement, Jack Tatar, one of the world’s leading market researchers, had consistently heard from people who were retired or retiring that they often felt that they were “thrust” into retirement, ill equipped to handle the new aspects of their life.

Among the things that he heard consistently was, “There’s plenty of books about being financially prepared for retirement, but there aren’t books that consider all of the aspects that are needed to consider when someone retires.

How to take care of your health? What to do with your free time? How to stay connected to friends and create more friends? How to stay positive when your family and friends are moving away and/or dying?

It was only after enduring the personal tragedy of losing his retired parents within six months of each other that Jack used his researching skills and personal experiences to fully examine the questions and realities of retirement and living one’s later years.

Out of this work, Jack completed the book, Safe...

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