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Ultimate body, awesome abs! by robert marting

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

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Hi, I’m Robert. In this short letter I am going to tell you about science-backed secrets that will help get you ripped- and stay that way.

A warning: You won’t find gimmicks here- only science at work. In this world of fads and false claims I’m here to reveal some plain truths:

I won’t try and tell you I was some out-of-shape bum that tried every fad out there before I got into top shape. Sadly that angle is all too common in internet fitness today. I‘m a fitness pro and I set myself apart from all of the fakers out there.

At one point though, I was someone that did not know what he was doing when it came to getting in amazing shape faster. I wasted time and effort with the wrong approach to eating and training for crazy results.

While I’ve landed my share of major fitness magazine covers, I’m not a fitness robot- that  just doesn’t sound like fun. Having an attractive, athletic body is all about making your life more enjoyable- or at least it should be.

I enjoy life- I party, I drink alcohol, I eat junk food; just like a normal person. The simple difference is, I apply powerful methods that allow me to stay in fitness model shape while enjoying life at the same time- without obsessing about fitness.

I’m not special, anyone can do it. You just have to know how to program your unique body type with the right methods. We all have our own trigger points when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain. When you find them, it’s open season on your body fat stores and you’re on your way to rapid results.

Please note: You won’t be doing “extreme” workouts, fad starvation diets, pill popping or spending hours in the gym. You have a life; you deserve to enjoy it and live it using real methods that work without all the hype.

I can almost bet you may have had some personal experience with at least one of the items in the previous list; hey most of us have and it’s not your fault you aren’t seeing the results you really want.  Real results are yours when you know the right “secrets” that real fitness models use every day.

Hardly secrets; but methods backed by science that enable your body to burn fat at a higher rate, around the clock. They actually can help you work out less and get more results.

When this science is coupled with the right training and nutritional methods found here on this site-You put your body’s fat burning ability into hyper-drive. Your body will continue to burn fat at this rate if you know how to keep it there.

Here are the methods in a nutshell that save you time and get amazing results- “Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption” or EPOC for short. It’s too much to try and pronounce but what it means to you is this: Less working out = more fat loss. It’s also been called the “afterburn effect” or “oxygen debt”.  It basically does two huge things for you in terms of faster fat loss:

We all have HGH- men and women. It’s the youth hormone! Unfortunately, HGH declines sharply in production by age 30 for males and females. The good news is you can keep HGH production stronger well beyond your 30’s, even your 40’s and 50’s if you know how to train correctly!

It’s probably not what you’re thinking-  not long jogs on the treadmill or even doing set...

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