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Posted by Euphory Girl on Minggu, 09 Maret 2014

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3 Complete Programs Designed to make you a professional figure coach (you will receive weekly lessons for 12 weeks)

The combined programs above contain all the tools you need to become a professional figure coach. In order to make money as a trainer you need to find a niche (specialized field of concentration). You won't make any money being a jack of all trades. You need a specific group of highly motivated individuals to train. THERE IS NO  MORE MOTIVATED GROUP THAN FIGURE COMPETITORS! Let's face it... the average personal trainer whose running around the gym trying to train every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes into the gym will never make it as a trainer. He/she will eventually get tired of chasing clients and the low income ... and eventually quit. Gyms are like revolving doors for trainers. You need a plan, you need to be serious and treat your job with respect.

This is the perfect opportunity to change your life, do what you love to do and make a great living doing it. A true professional doesn't have to train clients 10-12 hours a day just to pay the bills, like many try to do. This is a the express lane to burnout... I've been there! You want to be able to set your own hours, train who you want to train, when you want to train them. Since you offer a specialized service you can charge more and your competitors will appreciate greatly your expertise. There comes a point in time when you must get serious If you want to have a real business as a trainer. Too many people see it only as a part-time job... and many people outside the...

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