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Posted by Euphory Girl on Senin, 03 Maret 2014

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All the foundation you need for understanding biz dev and the type of relationships that might be appropriate for your company. More importantly, you’ll learn how to develop a mindset that will help you become a business development force

Learn when it’s appropriate to pursue business development, how to craft a killer strategy, and how to craft the ideal approach to attack initial partners

Learn how to not only build a monster hit list, but also the optimal ways to approach all of your targets to get meetings with them. You’ll get unconventional strategies for finding key stakeholders, crafting killer cold emails, and cold calling.

Get proven frameworks for positioning your company and building the perfect deck. You’ll also learn how to leverage conversational nuances to deliver a pitch that leaves prospects asking “WHERE DO I SIGN!?”

Part 5 shows you how to push potential deals through the finish line. You’ll also get key tactics for how to handle unresponsive prospects, strengthen relationships with targets, and get buy-in from decision makers.

Learn key steps on how to take an inked contract to implemented relationship…fast! Part 6 also outlines how to expand relationships with partners and provides a primer on generating and managing inbound opportunities.

Get access to exclusive interviews with some of the top business development professionals in the game. Learn their best tactics and how they've been able to use the BD channel to massively grow the companies they're with

Connect with other ambitious and like-minded business developers who...

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