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Basketball Scoring Secrets and Basketball Training

Posted by Euphory Girl on Senin, 31 Maret 2014

Basketball Scoring Secrets and Basketball Training
IMPORTANT: Please Turn on Your Speakers to Hear This Important Message. Video May Take a Few Seconds to Load.  “Basketball Classroom gives coaches at all levels the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the game.

The site provides you with everything you need to make you and your team better. Coach Stricklin does a great job of breaking down everything from how to run a practice, to game preparation to helping coaches handle parents meetings. This is a coach’s dream!”

“Wow, 2 thumbs up for The Basketball Classroom! I just spent only about 1/2 hour now looking through the program and I have already found ways to become a better coach and teacher. The information provided is right on and the way it is laid out being all in one spot can’t be beat. I am looking forward to the season starting so I can implement the things I have learned from the site. Thanks for everything you have done for us coaches, chomping at the bit for module 2!”

If you are looking for a coach that can teach, look no further. Coach Stricklin has consistently produced winning teams and winning student athletes and he can definitely help your team or program compete year in and year out. His won-loss record proves that his methods work and learning his teaching system will help you take your team or program to the next level

As an assistant coach for Dave Stricklin for five years I was able to see first hand the success that running his system can bring. Now as a varsity head coach at... Read More Detail

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