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Stop losing 98% of your traffic! - using remarketing - retargeting

Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

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How much time, effort and money do you spend driving traffic to your websites? Do you know what percentage of that traffic does what you want them to do when they arrive on your site? (i.e. registration, purchase, etc.).

Well, according to studies, about 2% of the people visiting your site convert. Only 2%! So, what happens to the 98% of people who *don't* convert? I'll tell you. They're gone! And probably visiting your competitors' site. To get them back, you'll have to spend money/time trying to find them again. Which sucks, right?.

Have you ever experienced a banner ad "following" you all over the internet? (Aweber/iContact, anyone?) Probably, you're not seeing that ad because some company spent a boatload of money on an AdWords campaign. Chances are that company is utilizing a much more cost-effective way of targeting you; retargeting. (Or, as Google calls it "reMarketing". Same thing, different name.)

What if YOU could "magically" follow your visitors all over the internet? Can you image if people started seeing your ad on blogs, on news sites, on YouTube--basically, almost everywhere they go...whoomp, there you are! You're top of mind, all the time! What a great way to brand yourself with almost ZERO cost; not to mention the increased traffic!

It's a "secret" that large corporations and IM gurus have been using for a couple years now to do exactly that. It's a trick that few people know about and one that your competitors don't want YOU to know about. Well, it's time someone exposed this "secret" and explained to you *exactly* how to implement it.

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