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Seriously Simple Search - Seriously Simple Marketing

Posted by Euphory Girl on Senin, 10 Februari 2014

Seriously Simple Search - Seriously Simple Marketing
My personal experience as a business owner taught me that search engines (like Google) can be an entrepreneur’s best friend or their worst enemy… if you haven’t had luck ranking your site in search engine results, then this is your lucky day!

I know how frustrating it is. How deflating it can be. You spent hours planning your business. You painstakingly built your website. You finally get it “live” for all the world to see…

Well, here’s something I can tell you – I’ve been there, done that! My business used to be invisible in the eyes of search engines and I was not getting the traffic I needed. Through years of experimentation, failures and now… success, I have discovered that Search Engine Optimization is not as difficult and scary as I used to think it was.

This is something propagated by… well, SEO professionals and self-proclaimed SEO gurus. Don’t get me wrong, many of the SEO experts online are totally legit, but to say that SEO is something you can’t do… that’s a 100% lie.

Sure, search marketing has its technical aspects, but it’s not something that you can’t learn and master on your own. Steered in the right direction and given the right information, you can be an SEO master in your own right!

The only thing that makes Search seemingly difficult to understand is because of the terminologies that, for first timers like you and me, might sound out of this world.  Like some “geek speak” foreign language....Read More Detail

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