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Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

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"Very comprehensive breakdown of Muay Thai techniques, physiology, & kinesiology of the combinations." - Renzo Gracie Academy "Damage Control MMA online courses are worth it. I thought I knew everything, and these guys totally turned my world upside-down. All the little details stepped my game up two or three hundred percent." - Jake "The Snake" Paul (3x Gladiator Challenge Champ) "I learn something every time I come here." - Brandon "The Murderer" Melendez (The Ultimate Fighter Quarter Finalist)

Are you ready to start your own training program, or perhaps start an MMA training club with friends?

In addition to a library of around 300 technique videos with more added weekly, members also have direct access to instructors to request specific techniques or upload fight/training videos for helpful feedback.

Check out this sample video for detailed instruction on how to finish an opponent with the Anaconda Throw "Quick Kill".

No matter how much you love MMA, it can be difficult to find the time or money to train as hard as you want.

But now you can have 24/7 access to unlimited training for a fraction of the cost of an MMA gym membership.

"I've been trained by the best in the world, but coaches Brian & Brandon always have new insights into the fight game to teach me." - Cade "Sakit" Anderson (Coached Randy Couture) "Your online training program is great. I currently teach Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts and am trying to up my groundwork and clinch game. Your site has been extremely helpful in that." - Jay Gaule (Martial Arts Instructor in UK) "I...

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