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Lift the bar mentoring annual membership - lift the bar

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

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We support Personal Trainers with ongoing education in all aspects of what it takes to be a successful fitness professional. We cover Training, Nutrition, Business Skills, Lead Generation, Client Adherence strategies, and much much more!

“The bar just got set higher with this mentorship! I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 5 years now and I wish LTB had been around when I first started. The amount of practical information from starting your own business, attracting clients, client retention, session quality, nutritional advice, in-depth client assessment forms and way way more, its just mind blowing! A great appeal of LTB is the focus on quality coaching and professionalism steered towards real life scenarios with the general population. The quality of information you learn each week is amazing. Guest speakers, that you would normally have to pay top dollar to consult with, are there to share priceless information and get their brains picked on all kinds of subjects. Being self employed, good quality support and guidance is often hard to come by, whether in regards to business or the training side of things. I feel that I have got this in abundance already! On top of this, it has got me thinking so much more about the service I offer, how I can add more value, ensure my clients get better results, do a better job, one that people respect and talk about, and this has ensured I feel even more confident about what I do. ””

“The content provided by LTB is outstanding. Trainers who both know their stuff and have had time in the trenches developing a love for what they do have been giving us weekly seminars on all things personal trainer/ fitness professional related. Each...

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