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How To Land A Healthcare Job Fast!

Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 19 Februari 2014

How To Land A Healthcare Job Fast!
How To Land A Healthcare Job Fast! - My name is Christopher McClure, and I’ve helped many imaging professionals with their job search. I’ve found that if they’re having a problem landing a desirable job, they need to work on one or more of the following:

Managers look for a certain type of person when they are hiring.  They want applicants that are competent, motivated, and easy to work with. If you project those traits and make it easy for an employer to hire you, then you’ll always be one of the top candidates. 

By the simple fact that you are researching how to get a job, rather than complain about not being hired, you are on the way to possessing the winning attitude you need!

A cover letter serves a simple but important purpose.  It’s your chance to write a short explanation of why you’re prefect for the job.  That’s it. When you get good at writing cover letters, it’s no longer a challenge securing an interview.   

A résumé is your opportunity to stand out from other applicants and get a hiring manager excited to interview you. Your résumé should highlight your professional accomplishments and provide examples of experience in your career field.If you’re not working on building an eye-catching résumé, then you’re wasting your time.  Period!

This is the most commonly asked healthcare job-hunting question I receive.  Everyone wants to know where to...Read More Detail

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