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Webwithit: helping you build business website power and revenue

Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 11 Januari 2014

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It's vital that you understand the VERY real warning about the devastating affects a Google penalty can have on your business' bottom line. I see first hand the damage that businesses endure as I work and consult with penalized site owners on a daily basis.

I can tell you for a fact that every day, as thousands of businesses seek a winning hand in the elusive poker game known as Google rankings they're tempted to bend the rules...just a little. And although these 'black-hat' tactics can be successful in the short-term, such fatally-flawed schemes are doomed to fail. Simply put - It won't do you any good to temporarily rank at the top of Google. Your goal should be to stay ranked for a significant amount of time. I'd like to think that your goal should be to rank well for at least five years!

If Google doesn't like what you are doing, how you are attracting traffic to your Website or with whom you're affiliated - expect to get penalized. So, if you want to work with Google you have to abide by their ever changing rules. For example, collecting a ton of links to your site all at once does work to increase your Webpage's search engine rankings...but only for a little while. Then when Google catches on to your manipulation you'll be worse off then if you did it the right way to start with.

Within this lesson I'll explain the difference between a Manual Penalty and an Automatic Penalty and then I'll quickly lay out the Nine Common Practices that Result in a Google Penalty.

Yes, I know it...

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