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Ukrainian bride guide

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 24 Januari 2014

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Dear Cory, I wanted to thank you for all your help. I was just about ready to end it with xxxx because I was pretty sure she was a scammer. Man, am I glad that I didn't. I am happy to say that my trip to Sumy went great. She was everything that she said she was and more! I am going back in a month to seal the deal and hopefully soon we will be beginning our life together here in Canada. You were right on about everything and it was great knowing what to expect. You really gave me the edge!

"without this lady in my life I don't know what I would do"

Dear Cory, Thank you for writing the Ukrainian Bride Guide. It has helped me to better understand the lady that I have been corresponding with and kept me from getting too paranoid and blowing everything that we have worked so hard to build. I am really indebted to you because without this lady in my life I don't know what I would do. Thank you again and thank you to your wife.

"I did it Cory. I fell in love! Thank you so much for your mentorship."

I think I have done everything right, so far. I asked her parents for permission to court her with the intention to marry her. They gave it. I feel like this is the best thing I have ever done for me. It was amazing. I still feel amazing. Thanks again for your friendship and guidance Cory.

If you are entertaining the thought of pursuing a Ukrainian or...

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