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Treasure hunt party games

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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We have taken four of our best selling treasure hunt eBooks and combined them into a Treasure Trove of value. Not only have we included all of the individual bonuses, but we have slashed the price too!

Get ready to throw some great parties with everything you need to entertain with amazing treasure hunts!

Lets face it, in some areas of life, we seek professional help no matter what - like the doctor or dentist, I mean even a qualified doctor will not perform surgery on himself! OK, when it comes to car repairs, interior design and home maintenance, some people resort to 'do-it-yourself' because they can and others because they can't afford the rates that are currently charged by the professionals. But if that professional help was available to all at a ridiculously low price, aren't there other things you would rather spend your time on? not to mention the quality of the end result.

"Dear Nikki, You're the best. I am all fired up now. I have been doing this for years and it has to be better each year. That becomes daunting. I love your ideas for our Scavenger Hunt."

"Wow! Nikki, what can I say. You sure do deliver the goods! You not only saved my bacon, you exceeded every expectation. Josh's party yesterday was the best ever - not only that he has ever had but also all of his friends. It is only 10am the day after and already I have had ten emails from the kids - and another five phone calls from some of the mothers to say that the boys haven't stopped talking yet, and can I organize...

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