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Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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No problem. The following can and will help you immensely. In fact, not only will this information help you get on the right path to better preparing yourself and your family but I promise you’ll be glad you choose to stay. That is, only if you’re truly serious about protecting and providing for those people you care most dearly about.

Chances are you’re most likely here because you’ve come to the understanding as to how devastating something like a natural disaster can be and you want to ensure your family is ready for it. From hurricanes to tsunamis, earthquakes to tornados, volcanos or wildfires, and even dirty bombs or EMP events… there are many dangers we must be cognizant of and ever ready for.

The simple reason why things are guaranteed to go “hell in a hand basket” if-you-will after any major disaster is two fold: (1) we live in an extremely inter-dependent yet fragile society and (2) we’ve simply forgotten how to care for ourselves for more than a few days tops. You see, our society is much, much more dependent on a variety of factors than it was even a generation ago, much more than most people realize. This includes four major components:

Make no mistake, we’ve managed to make the most of many amazing advances in technology, an ever increasingly smaller global society, and even the seemingly well-intentioned desire to care for those who are down on their luck. On the surface these are admirable goals and seemingly appropriate uses of our capabilities, but deeper down they pose the greatest risk to our health, safety, security, and ultimately to...

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