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The chakra meditation. Develop your chakras, energy body, aura, kundalini, metaphysical and psychic abilities with this chakra power meditation

Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 11 Januari 2014

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The truth is this - there are many diverse factors involved in attaining these idyllic Staes of Being, often seemingly illusive, most of which rest on just a few Fundamentals, without which it is difficult to achieve any real progress.

There are certain stages in your personal evolution that simply cannot be overlooked or ignored, many of which are Fundamental to your Very Well-Being and Life Experience.

One of these Most Crucial Stages in Your Personal Evolution is the Development of Your Energy Body and Above All, The Chakra System, Which also encompasses the Aura, and is the root of that mystical Kundalini experience.

It is a fact that Daily Experiences - Life - Reality - of so many people are so unbalanced, even seemingly out of control, due to Imbalances of The Energy Body, and/or one or more of the seven Chakras, which also reflects in The Aura.

Consider the words one of the Greatest and Wisest Spiritual Masters Who Ever Walked The Earth - Hermes Trismegistus:

Quite Simply, Yet Most Profoundly This. Our Outer, Physical Experience Is a Perfect Reflection Of Our Inner State of Being. Nowhere Is This More True Than How We Experience Ourselves. Plain and Simple - An Unbalanced Energy Body and Chakra System Must Be Perfectly Reflected In Our Physical Body and Physical Experience, But Not in The Ways That You Would Wish For.

You see - The Energy Body Constantly Receives Universal Life Energy at Special Specific Points Corresponding to the Energy Centres of the Body - The Chakra's.

The Chakras Function as an  "Energy Interface", like a "Step-Down Transformer" Between the much lower Energy Vibrations of the physical body and much Higher Vibrations of the Energy, Astral and Mental Bodies - The Soul and Eternal Spirit.

It should be no surprise to hear then that For the Physical Body to Enjoy Optimal Health At All Levels, All Chakras Must be Functioning Efficiently To Receive, Store and Forward to the Physical Body the Maximum Possible Universal Energy.

Yogis, Tibetan Monks, and Other Cultures of the Far East dedicate their lives to Inner Development including the Chakras. 

During the course of their Spiritual and Metaphysical Development, these people enjoy powers that would be considered "super human", "supernatural" or even "miraculous".

If the battery is in poor condition, as usually happens as it gets older, or when the weather is colder, it loses its capacity to "hold charge" - electrical Energy, until eventually, no matter how much the battery is charged, it will not retain enough electrical energy to start the engine or maintain the electrical systems of the car.

In other words the car ceases to function for its intended purpose due to the condition of the battery.

For The Energy Body and Therefore Physical Body, of Which It Is a Perfect Reflection, and Ultimately Life Experience To Be Balanced and Harmonious, "Energy Storage Centres and Associated Energy Circuits" Must Function at Maximum Efficiency and Capacity and Maintained In That State

Just as a modern car is equipped with sophisticated electrical and electronic systems, each component relying on the next, so it is with the Chakra system as it relates to the Physical Body and its Basic and Higher Functions.

Make No Mistake. Just One "Weak" and/or Unbalanced Chakra Will Always Drag the Entire Chakra System Down To The Same Level, Like the Weakest Link in a Chain, No Matter How Well Charged And Effient The Other Chakras May Be. 

This Then Is Precisely Why I Have Dedicated So Much Time, Resources and Experience Over Many Months In Developing The Chakra Power Meditation Package For You Including These Powerful, Unique Features.......

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