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Survive Anything - Complete 2012 Survival Guide

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

Complete 2012 Survival Guide, How To Survive 2012 Or Any Other Disaster
To Every American Who Is Serious About Protecting His Family, & Helping His Neighbors…

You see, when most people think “prepared” they think Boy Scouts and special forces soldiers.  The real survival experts.

To be honest, there is only a handful of survival experts in the world.  These guys will get America running if/when we get hit by a large scale terrorist attack, or riots start (won’t be long now since Obamacare isn’t working!).

These patriots are some of the toughest men we’ve got, and are going to single-handedly save thousands of lives.  And you won’t know who they are until it hits the fan.

The difference is, they are incredibly deadly, and ready for anything this messed up world has to throw at them.

The US government held over 700 “preparedness classes” this year, because they can see American families are in trouble.  If the government sees it, it must be pretty obvious.  And you’re much different than the “average” American. 

You have to be able to dedicate every day of the next six months to prep work.  It’s a fact of life, most people can’t afford to quit their job and buy everything they need to prepare.  And they shouldn’t if they plan on providing for their family!

You must know practically everything about self defense, wilderness survival, basic food prep, power generation, etc.  There is years of information to learn – even if you spent all day studying!...Read More Detail

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