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Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

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The truth is I've never really had a problem attracting women and taking things to the next level. But there was a major problem that I ran into. And I kept asking myself: "How come my sex life takes a serious nose-dive when I'm in a relationship?" I was obsessed with figuring this out. Because when I would fool around with a woman on an ongoing basis (as a single guy), my sex appeal would seemingly never wear off. But how could a (sexually healthy) woman who loved me, accepted me, found me attractive and would do anything for me - overwhelmingly not have the same sexual intensity as I do? If the sex life starts out great, why does it have to 'wear off' - just because we're in a relationship. Again, I was obsessed with figuring this out. And it's because I've heard of couples who have great sex decade after decade after decade. So I started looking at things totally different, and then one day...

PHASE ONE: I had to test it out. In fact, I couldn't wait to test it out! So I did...

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