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So you think you can teach dancing?

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Diane Sheehan 5th from the right DIANE SHEEHAN, former Rockette, choreographer turned dance entrepreneur with a masters degree in philosophy and 49 years as owner and operator of the most successful Dance Studio in the Niagara Peninsula, ON, Canada turns know how into show how by sharing.

Learn 29 detailed secrets to owning and operating a successful dance school that will lead you from just thinking about it to taking action.

You will be inspired to step up to the plate and teach others the joy of dance in your own successful dance school.

Taking on the responsibility of owning and operating a dance business will require that you learn everything you possibly can about the business and what it takes to have your business run smoothly and SUCCESSFULLY.

Studying and learning everything you can about the dance business will give you the confidence and the courage to move forward.

The purpose of this book is to supply you with the inside information it really takes to successfully teach, own and operate your own dance school.

Taking action and moving forward with plans is actually the best way to build confidence in your-self. Action builds courage.

This eBook is written by professional dancer, dance teacher and chorographer, Diane Sheehan, who will give you a step by step plan as to how to turn your dance DREAMS into dance ACTION by owning and operating your own successful school of dance.

When you understand and put to practice these twenty-nine well-tested...

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