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Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

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     Do you feel it's practically impossible to attract and retain "raving fans" in today's economic environment? That's it's virtually futile to put forth the effort to stimulate business and your career? That you have little or no control over how to reach out to potential customers and clients?

     Relying upon your broker or company to generate leads for you and to retain the resulting clients and customers is pretty silly. Once upon a time, that worked. But times have changed. A lot of what worked in the past isn't what's working in today's real estate market.

     In truth, there are some agents who "get it." And they don't seem to have much of a problem finding good clients, even in such a "dynamic" (a/k/a "tough") market. What are they doing that you can also do to succeed?

     Why would you ignore significant opportunities to improve your client attraction and retention talents and skills? Why would you forego increased sales and commissions? And why are doing the same old things you've always been doing and getting the same old results? Especially when some pretty simple strategies and practices can help you elevate your practice to an entirely new level!

     Anyway you look at, it simply makes no sense whatsoever to pass up thousands -- tens of thousands -- of dollars that should be yours just because you don't know, or have forgotten, some basic ideas and principles that will help you create and maintain a truly successful real estate career.

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