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Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

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That’s me up there. It was not that long ago I was sitting at my computer looking for a way to lose weight …and fast. There MUST be something I could do. A diet? A magic pill? A work out? I was desperate for something that would work.

I was wearing a pair of go-to “fat jeans” that I actually thought made me look slimmer. Well, I squeezed them on but I couldn’t even button them so I wore a long shirt to cover the top of the jeans. I will always remember driving down the road in my unbuttoned extremely tight jeans — that secret sisterly competition turning into a feeling of secret depression and embarrassment.

The Kellogg’s Cereal Diet, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, The Zone Diet, The South Beach Diet, counting points, counting calories, restricting calories, prepackaged foods, — what do they all have in common? Big companies taking advantage of you, and keeping you fat.

Up until this point, nothing has worked for me.I had tried everything I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started researching and experimenting and guess what! Something finally worked and it worked FAST. I wasn’t trying to develop the next best diet in America, I was just doing it for myself. I stumbled upon a secret, the secret to fat loss.

See, I was sick. I was tired. I was angry and my skin was broken out. Everything that was wrong with the inside of my body was shining through the outside.

We should be firm believers of solving the problem instead of just covering up the symptoms. I finally figured that out for myself, and now I can share the solution with you!

Most Americans are living in an acidic state. In fact, it has been suggested that many of us in this condition are prone to many health problems — WEIGHT GAIN, SKIN CONDITIONS, CANCER, DEPRESSION, FASTER AGING, ARTHRITIS, FATIGUE, SLEEP DISORDERS, FIBROMYALGIA, MS along with many other life threatening diseases.

As a natural day-to-day function, our bodies continuously detoxify substances. HOWEVER, when you consume foods and chemicals that are highly acidic you are preventing certain nutrients from being absorbed by your body. Your body’s ability to repair the damaged acidic cells slows down. Because of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and stress, your body will fail to keep up with this natural detoxification process. You can become overloaded with acidity.This is when many of the symptoms begin to occur.

The reason why so many of us are in this state is because of the American Diet of Convenience. Highly acidic foods are now cheaper and easier to consume than alkaline foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. In some cases, for those that do eat a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables, they are laced with so many chemicals during the growing process that the nutrient value in the fruits and vegetables is being compromised by the amount of acid from pesticides, growth hormones, and ripening agents that go into these foods.

When you are in an alkaline state, your body’s PH is balanced and all kinds of positive changes can happen! Your body can now properly absorb vitamins and minerals, your immune system is stronger, you have higher energy, your chances of illness significantly drop, your body’s ability to repair damaged cells increase, and it slows down your aging process, leaving your skin tight and clear. And, it is now easier to lose weight!

I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve shared the struggles that come along with fat loss. I’ve tried and tested many different programs! THIS ONE WORKS, FINALLY!!!

I believe in this program because it changed my life. It kick-started my fat loss journey...

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