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Reverse stretch marks - reverse stretch marks

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

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- how I discovered what will fill in the "dents" you can feel if your run your hands across your stretch marks

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1. When everyone tells you that you can't get rid of them and that you're stuck with them forever, they're lying. Well, maybe lying is too harsh of a term. They just don't know what they're talking about. And this happens pretty frequently. Incorrect "truths" are passed around on a grand scale about every topic imagineable. Please think for yourself, because you're missing out on your old self confidence and smooth skin if you believe that myth.

2. Anytime you see a study or clinical trials about a product improving stretch marks, it is always done on NEW stretch marks, yet they lure people with old stretch marks into buying their product too, knowing it's going to do absolutely NOTHING for them. Read the fine print, people!

3. Every lotion and cream for stretch marks out there make only one claim: that the product may help to improve the appearance of stretch marks. Do you want "better looking stretch marks"? I sure don't! If it's not going to remove them, you're not going back to 100% confidence concerning that stretch mark riddled area.

4. Your skin was designed to keep as much bad stuff as possible OUT of your body. It does a fair job at that, but that means it also blocks good and helpful things from going through the skin into your body. Your stretch marks, residing deep...

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