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Reading her body

Posted by Euphory Girl on Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

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Maybe you even thought you had a great conversation going and then all of sudden it’s like someone just flipped a switch and suddenly she’s no longer interested…shot down….again…

I’d wonder what I said and what I did. It crushed my self confidence and eventually I got to the point where I just hated going out to try to meet girls.

I’d never know what to say, how to act, and sometimes I’d get shot down even before I got close enough to buy her a drink, and try out some of my “great pick up lines”.

One day I was hanging out with my old college room mate, Jon, and we were talking over a beer at one of the local bars.

The thing was, I didn’t care. I’d given up trying to meet anyone and Jon had a great girlfriend, so he wasn’t there to check out the women.

I wasn’t buying what he was selling. There was absolutely no way she wanted anything to do with me. But Jon kept pushing me.

I was amazed at how Jon somehow knew she was interested in me and I had to ask how he spotted the signs and I couldn’t.

Jon told me that it was simple…her body was telling him everything he needed to know, I just needed to know what to look for…

I had completely forgotten that he had spent the last several years working...

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