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Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

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Keep Your Property 100% Occupied with Qualified Tenants, Maximize Your Cash Flow and Minimize Your Expenses

Years ago I was trying hard to make it as a professional real estate investor and property manager. I had a stellar track record in the corporate world, having climbed to the executive ranks very quickly. But, despite my white collar success story, as a professional real estate investor . . . . well, between you and me, I was struggling . . . .

Fast forward to today and I’m back in the driver’s seat. When my friends and neighbors ask me if I’m retired I laughingly answer:

No, I’m not retired . . . but thanks to my successful real estate business I can act like I am!

Now don’t get me wrong. Learning to buy, sell, lease and property manage income real estate is not easy. Finding real estate deals that make sense is getting tougher and tougher, expenses keep going up while rents keep going down, and dealing with tenants can often be a pain in the you-know-what!

But once you learn how to manage your property, you’ll be shocked at the profits that you can make in real estate investing.

Recently I sat down and under the pen name Jeffrey Roark put into words everything I’ve learned from my 25 years of experience working in real estate. What I came up with are some simple, proven techniques that can give you powerful results and help you to master the business of real estate investing and property management:

Chapter 1...

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