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Personal branding for the 21st century entrepreneur

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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If you're interested in personal branding and using the tools of your personal brand to skyrocket your sales revenue and increase your wealth, then read on.

It’s the very formula adopted by some of the oldest and richest corporations still operating today.

In the 20th Century, mediocre in mass quantities was the recipe for success. It worked because there wasn’t as much competition in the market and there were fewer advertising and marketing channels to reach a mass audience

In the 21st Century mediocre will get you no more than mediocre results (if you get any results at all). The marketplace is crammed with similar products in almost every industry. And the advertising and marketing channels to reach consumers is virtually infinite.

Being mediocre in a crowded market results in low profitability. When faced with choices that are all relatively similar, a consumer will choose the cheapest price or the name they recognize from a previous purchase.

Mediocrity is a death knell for corporations in the 21st century. As the symbol of the beginning of the end for a corporation, it could be worse for individual entrepreneurs.

Pick a product after some market research. Try to market that product to the masses. The product never takes off.

The business fails within 2 to 3 years.  The mediocre entrepreneur has no other income streams, so he has to return to the job market.  The mediocre entrepreneur ends up working in a cubicle doing menial, repetitive work that slowly drains their soul from his body.

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