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Nuclear fusion ebook for your information

Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Have you ever wondered how using an alternative energy source can help you and the future generations? Have you ever thought about what the world would be like a few years hence if we continued the mindless energy wastage?

When it comes to global warming most of us just shrug it off thinking that it is the Government’s responsibility to tackle global warming and issues related to it.

Just check your electricity bills for the past few years. What do you see? Check the units consumed. You will be stunned to see a huge leap in the consumption. A part of it may be due to increased consumption of electronic items.... But the majority of it can be attributed to extreme temperatures - an effect of global warming!

Nature has blessed us with abundant energy resources. We can use these resources to generate our own emission free energy which should last us for another billion years or so. But are we utilizing these free resources to the fullest? Are we ready for a clean energy source? Or are we happy increasing pollution and leaving a highly polluted society for our future generations?

There’s a myth going around that sun is inactive and inefficient. Well, that’s how the nature has designed it to be. If the sun really did use all its fuel in one gigantic fusion reaction we would have a galactic hydrogen bomb - something multiple times bigger than a supernova. Actually it is its very slow-burning nature that makes it so useful.

It is in fact a demonstration for us as to how we could benefit...

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