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New improved business alchemy video programme - rachel elnaugh

Posted by Euphory Girl on Senin, 27 Januari 2014

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“Already on Day 7  I am seeing results. Today my business went into profit a year earlier than I had planned – although it is only a  tiny profit it is a huge step for me.”

This NEW IMPROVED version of my acclaimed Business Alchemy 28 Day Video Programme is specifically designed for you if you are in need of a quantum shift in your flow around money…

If you find yourself in a place of constant struggle with money, saying ‘I can’t afford it!’ one too many times, are sinking under a pile of debt or have experienced a financial wipe-out and need to re-establish your financial fortunes again – or even if you are starting out completely from scratch – then this programme is for you!

Launched in May 2012 Business Alchemy is already my most successful mentoring product ever and is getting rave reviews from those who have completed it.  It’s the result of my 20+ years’ experience in business, plus 7 years of learning from my own experience of phoenixing from the loss of my first company Red Letter Days in 2005 – which not only wiped out all of my income but left me with huge personal debt.  I’ve since successfully mentored many, many entrepreneurs out of a place of struggle with their business and money into a place of wonderful flow and abundance.

“Within the first week of the course I received 2 retail orders worth over £1,000 and now in the second week, I received another £1,000 order (June is normally a very quiet month for our business!). I’ve also reconnected with some great contacts...

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