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Let your mind see by aditya mittal

Posted by Euphory Girl on Senin, 13 Januari 2014

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About Book: Do you ever wonder about meditation and dreams? Your purpose in the world? Lose focus and go on a self-enlightenment journey during a lecture or a boring task? If yes, this book is for you! This book is about sharpening your mind inherently with the law of attraction, power of the mind, and self-actualization. It will take you on a journey starting from relaxation meditation to techniques for improving your cognitive skills like memory and computation, and open the world to understanding your ego and desire emotions and relationships better. Finally, it will give you a head-start in opening your mind to the universe, understanding energy, visualizing with your subconscious mind and dreams. This book is the product of my own self-actualization experiences and learning from which you will undoubtedly benefit. This book can be read cover to cover and then used as a reference whenever life puts you in tough situations, to improve focus, understanding, attainment, and happiness. Let Your Mind See by Aditya Mittal is a starter guide to an enlightened mind.

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