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Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Since 1987 the premium source of tools and resources for marketing accounting services using seminars and private label book publishing.

Does your professional reputation need enhancement in your community? Do clients ask for you, or your competitor?

You can have clients and prospects knocking on your door as you discover FREE ways to build your practice, or professional firm, and develop new streams of income offering new products and services that create a demand for your practice in your community.

Eliminate wasteful advertising and marketing by using the time tested techniques that come with your membership in The Instant Practice Builder!

Get access to resources and strategies for marketing accounting services using seminars, private label reports and workbooks. Your subscription includes lesson plans, handouts and complete student workbooks, everything you need to get started immediately!

If you are starting your own bookkeeping, accounting or tax practice, I’ll teach you how to AT LEAST DOUBLE your practice size and fees

Hello . . . my name is Kirk Ward. Among other projects, I developed the PayClerk Payroll Marketing System and the PLR Lien & Levy Marketing System, two of the most unique marketing programs on the web. I have authored top selling tax training courses for major national publishers, and I have built and sold bookkeeping and accounting practices across the Southeast.

After fifteen years auditing and examining the books and records of hundreds of companies, after working with multi-billion dollar financial institutions, and another fifteen years of owning multiple accounting practices and payroll services, I’ve seen enough tricks and...

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