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Im popup pro - easy & powerful popup software

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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By now you've probably seen my video popup appear, as if out of nowhere, right on top of this page. If you've been looking for an easy way to harness this kind of attention-getting, engaging technology for your own marketing, your search is over!

I created IM Popup PRO to make it easy to create the kinds of popups that attract attention and increase conversions. If you're like me, you want to have every possible advantage in today's ultra-competetive market.

I've packed the PRO version full of exclusive features that will allow you to make your popups into little "Marketing Ninjas" giving you an unfair advantage over the competition!

If you want your visitors to know about it, IM Popups are the answer. You can use IM Popups to make sure your visitors know about:

Are you starting to see the doors that will open to you when you start using IM Popup PRO? No longer will the door be slammed in your face, it will be flung wide open showing your visitors your most important message within seconds.

"IM Popup PRO" is a simple Windows™ application that will guide you through the entire process of creating these dazzling, attention grabbing popups. Simply point, click, and create ... It really is that easy!

IM Popup PRO doesn't limit you to the 80 included templates. You'll be able to easily create your own graphical popup templates by importing (up to 1000!) of your own images. It's a very simple process, all you need is a 500px by 500px PNG-24 file (.png). Just point, click, and import! Once you've imported a template, it will be available to you within the program. Import once, use forever!

IM Popup PRO allows you to add HTML and media embed code to your popups. (If you know HTML, the sky's the limit. If you don't know HTML, no problem, you can cut-and-paste from sources like YouTube and Aweber!)

The link can be moved around and placed wherever it will be the most effective, and IM Popup PRO allows you to include as many separate and distinct actual HTML links as you want!

If you're building a list, imagine being able to make your opt-in form into an eye-catching popup like this!

IM Popup PRO makes this "PRO Marketing" tactic as easy as cut-and-paste! Simply grab the "embed" code from a YouTube video, drop it in your popup, and you'll have the YouTube video play right inside your popup!

That is exactly what I did with the Video Popup on this page – I used IM Popup PRO and used simple "cut-and-paste" to get the "Embed" code from YouTube, and set the popup for a 3 second delay. (Refresh the page if you want to see it again!)

Imagine the impact your own video popups will have – and you won't even have to create your own videos. The entire embedable YouTube library is at your fingertips!

This is THE best sticky-note software I've ever tried. I dumped several others that I tried in the past... but this one's a keeper! Well worth the full price tag.

If you want to maximize the profit potential of using popups, I urge you to claim your copy of IM Popup PRO right now through this special offer.

IM Popup PRO retails for $97.00.  To make this decision a complete no-brainer, I've slashed $50.00 OFF the regular price. I can't guarantee how long this will last, so if you come back to this page later you will likely have to pay full price. For the small, one-time...

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