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Hot video squeeze templates - the best collection of video optin squeeze pages

Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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"If you truly want your business to succeed, you need high converting squeeze pages that make visitors want to opt-in to your list "

You probably know that a huge money is coming from the list! Everybody use squeeze page to grab a lot of subscribers by giving them a valuable FREE gift. If your squeeze page is professionally designed, written with compelling copy and offers a truly valuable incentive for signing up, it will rack up email addresses like crazy.

This package contains the best converting, most universal and easiest to setup squeeze page templates ever released. Now YOU CAN put up a professional squeeze page and makes it so easy a baby could do it and skyrocket your optin rates and sales.

Just copy & paste the embed code and add your opt-in code, and you're all set to go! Then you can start promoting your own video squeeze page, and see what all the fuss is about!

This is the simplest designs based on PROVEN templates that work in today's market. So you are guaranteed to find these templates useful...

Squeeze Page Templates with three column to input more information regarding your site, such as clients testimonials, guarantee badges, etc.

With these different template types, you can create all kinds of information, not just squeeze pages, but also a three column information, and any additional sales copy.

This set of templates is more simple and using a famous layout and style of a professional web 2.0 website. You will be able to use this template for any niche and have great success with it.

These are simplicity templates contain with a simple gradient background, an arrow, and areas for the video and opt-in form. Very clean, simple and professional design.

With so many squeeze pages for you to choose from, you’ll no longer run out of squeeze pages to use. We are not just learning graphic design without experience... We've worked with the best and created top-notch designs for many successful entrepreneurs already on the Internet!

All of this stuff is already in place, so you just have to insert your codes into the template, and you're done.

Just choose the template you want, insert your video and autoresponder codes as mentioned above, and you're done. With these pre-built HTML templates you can be up and running right away, and have your own video squeeze page ready to go in minutes.

No website would be complete without accent graphics! When you download your complete "Hot Landing Page Templates" today, you will not only have access to the templates but you will have a sweet bonuses as well!

3 Johnson Box graphic you can use right away to attract more buyer in your site. It's included the full source (PSD) to each template style and You can easily change the color in Photoshop, edit the text or do whenever you want.

33 Order Buttons in many color and style and you can simply edit the text and color because the graphics and PSD files is provided.

4 testimonial graphics box you can use right away (.PSD files is included, so it was so easy to edit the text)

Another important part of any salespage is your guarantee! This is 12 alternative of cool guarantee badges graphics that will work on any color backlogged.

Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of creating squeeze page sites and SAVE LOTS OF MONEY!

Imagine if we calculate these package contains 55 squeeze page...

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