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Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Real-world personal safety and self defense training is different than traditional defense training:

Sadly, most personal-safety and self-defense training doesn’t consider these realities — even when labeled as “reality” based. Self-defense training is rarely focused on defending your life, the techniques taught require physical capabilities beyond what’s possessed by most people, and the ever-present legal issues are seldom considered.

In contrast, the personal-safety and self-defense systems I’ve taught over the last 30 years to police, corrections, and military professionals have these nine attributes:

My name is Dave Young and I founded the Defense Training Store in 2010 to bring these same nine attributes to personal-safety and self-defense training for the general public.

I have experience as a Marine, police officer (civilian, military), corrections officer, and security agent — and have been training professionals how to stay safe and defend themselves since 1980. My professional students vary widely in size and abilities and they operate in a world where there are no rules — so providing training with the above nine attributes is critically important.

My students are exposed to dangerous situations every single day, they have limited time for training and retraining, and almost every physical encounter will end up being reviewed, both civilly and criminally.

That’s why the Defense Training Store is such a breakthrough in personal safety and self-defense training. For over 30 years, my systems have been proven to save lives on the streets and be defendable in court — in almost every situation imaginable.

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