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Posted by Euphory Girl on Selasa, 21 Januari 2014

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RE: Google Wants YOU To Make Money! Dear Friend, Google has done it again! And I'm serious when I say that Google actually wants you to make money, and the 800 pound gorilla of the Internet is going an extra mile or two to help you achieve that! More on that in awhile... You see, this is one of the best things Google has done so far and ordinary folks like you and me will profit a lot from this newfound opportunity (however you need to ACT quick before more and more people catch onto it!) For years, people have always asked how can they make money online without:

Finally, there is a truly profitable way to cash in online with what you already know, and you don't need any of the above to get started!

Got your attention already? Good. To reply to your guesses, no this is not about Adsense (that's old now) and no it's not about Google Hangouts either (but if thought of this well you're close... kinda!) Okay heard of Google Helpouts? Google released the new feature called Helpouts in November 2013 and even then, not many people caught on it right away. Which is good for you! So what is Google Helpouts? Basically Helpouts is a platform that allows users to share their expertise through live video and provide real-time help from their computers or mobile devices. People offering help through Helpouts are called Providers. You can work as a company, a team or even an individual. You can pretty much offer your Helpout session on just about any topic - be it Cooking, Fashion, Business Advice, Tech stuff . . . as long as people are looking for it, you can be in business...

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