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Head lice treatment natural home remedy

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

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"Kill Lice and remove Nits, NOW with Vickie's Home Remedy Head Lice Treatment Alternative Care Recipe!"

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Dear Vickie,  I want to thank you so much! Your head lice remedy works great. I used the recipe right away and I'm happy to say - FINALLY a head lice treatment that worked! School is here again and this year I Know my daughter will be without lice! I washing her hair once every week with the shampoo to prevent any out breaks. Sincerely, Louisa Trent <><><><>

Vickie, I just wanted to say that even though I am still in the process of the fight, I am very pleased to say that when i used the beginning rinse as was instructed i was combing dead critters out only a few moments after the solution was put on. I intend to do this every other day until the problem is solved. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but after seeing it work i am glad i tried my luck. Thank you very much Tanya Gresham OR <><><><><><><><>

Wow, thank you It worked! I thought I was never going to get rid of these lice. Until I found your web site and used your home recipe treatment, I was battling them for 3 months. I did as you suggested and re treated us all in 5 days. It sure did the trick! I also used the household spray formula on all my furniture including the mattresses and our coats. It was just great. Again Thanks Jane Shepard  KY                                  More below...

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