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East meets west - holistic nutrition for maximum weight loss

Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014

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Waning waistline watercress salad! Watercress is an all-natural jiggle blasting vegetable that happens to hail from the cabbage family!

Arames weight loss benefits come from the stimulation of the thyroid, its balancing of the blood sugar, and its detoxifying effects!

Grass-fed beef has substantially less saturated fat than traditional grain-fed beef, plus an optimal omega-3 to omega-6 ratio similar to that in fish!

I am so happy to find the East Meets West book. The easy to read format with clear recipes is simple to download and to begin using right away. Thanks to this ebook I am using new ingredients that I have always wanted to try but have been intimidated to incorporate into my everyday cooking. Elie's book makes eating super foods accessible and de-mystifies healthy eating which is the key to adding it into my busy lifestyle.

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