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Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Duplicate File Cleaner is a quicker and easier way to accurately find& automatically remove duplicate files for you, such as Outllok Duplicates, Duplicate Mp3, Bookmark Duplicates, Excel Duplicates, Photo Duplicates, etc... (PC, Outllook, Excel, IE, Firefox, Opera, Itunes, Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Zune Compatibility)

Mainly, duplicate files cause the waste of disk space. They cover up hard disks, slow down speed, and cost you more on backup. Duplicate File Cleaner can find out and delete duplicate files in your computer very effectively to release your disk space and increase your computer speed!

        Junk File Cleaner can thoroughly scan out, clean junk files and free up your valuable space:

                  With Duplicate File Cleaner, you can easily and fast find out and clean various kinds of duplicate files.

First I would like to thank your prompt response. Second I would like to thank Duplicate File Cleaner. It helps me find all my duplicate photos and delete all of them. You know, I love photographing and have lots of photos in my computer. It's really very helpful to me. Thank you. ARMANDO SIGNORINI-- IT bob@*******.com

I have been using Outlook for many years. I never thought there were duplicate emails in my computer. But when I used Duplicate File Cleaner, it scanned out more than 500 duplicate groups. Good job! Dr. Hajo-- DE Hajo@*******.de

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