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Drum lessons - drumming online

Posted by Euphory Girl on Minggu, 19 Januari 2014

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The video lessons will consist of in-depth explanations and demonstrations of the curriculum. Each lesson will have a .pdf file that can be downloaded and will contain a glossary of terms and a detailed description of the notation corresponding to the exercises demonstrated in that lesson. It will also contain additional developmental exercises that reinforce the concepts taught in that lesson.

This is a 24/7 professional practice/play-a-long tool. It consists of 4 to 5 minutes of continuous percussion and/or other instruments. It comes in 5 different tempos, ranging in 5 bpm increments. This tool will help you develop your internal clock and provide a musical practice setting to develop muscle memory. Most importantly, it properly prepares you for today’s modern playing situations where a click and loop are being used. (NOTE: The Intermediate Level Band-N-A-Pods will vary in time signatures throughout the course. PDF charts will also be included for odd time signatures.)

The Personalized Video Evaluation is used to maintain a student teacher relationship in an online format. Once every 3 months, you will submit a 2-3 minute video where you will perform the concepts or exercises taught in the previous 3 month’s video lessons. Upon submission, your performance will be reviewed and a written evaluation of your progress will be sent back to you. The benefit of the Personalized Video Evaluation is that it allows you to capture your best performance in a non-intimidating environment for evaluation. Your video submissions will only be seen by Groove Is King staff.

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