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Drip marketing letter blueprints

Posted by Euphory Girl on Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

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Drip Marketing Letters are written for serious, but time-crunched sales and marketing professionals who want to launch effective drip marketing campaigns to stay top-of-mind with their #1 business asset (their customer list!)

Each Blueprint below contains a complete drip marketing sequence for the top “black hole” in your sales process. Included are:

Drip Marketing Letters are trigger-based strategies and marketing messages written by Swiftpage Gold-Certified Drip Marketing Consultants Susan Clark and Lori Feldman. They read exactly like the one-to-one conversations you’d have with your contacts throughout the year, if you had the time…but you probably don’t!

The two biggest excuses we hear for why businesses do not launch drip marketing campaigns are “no time” and “no idea what to write!” DripMarketingLetters.com solves both for you with our suite of pre-written drip marketing letters.

“We got 4 out of 5 responses on the first day with your drip marketing letters! 3 positives and a meeting!” – Brian Posnanski, Traffic PRM

Here’s a series of suggested messages for getting your foot in the door with new prospects that introduces you in a relevant way, yet shows you understand their challenges. This document is filled with suggestions on how to research the market and the company you are trying to penetrate, templates for relevant messages and questions you might use, thoughts on ways you could personalize the messages, optional subject lines, hints for p.s. text, and possible next-step “calls to action”.

A series of 8 communications designed to re-engage lapsed and dormant...

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