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Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

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Dog Owners and Dog Daycares Take Notice: The Top Six Diseases You Need to Watch Out For Jeremy Martin Dog Owners and Dog Daycares Take Notice: The Top Six Diseases You Need to Watch for in Dogs Skin allergies and ear infections top this year's list of top ten medical claims received for dogs. DogDa . . . keep reading

Doggie Day Care Business Booming Jeremy Martin More Entrepreneurs are Starting Their own Businesses in the Booming Pet Industry than Ever Before The pet industry is exploding because the Baby Boomers are spending excess cash on pets to fill the . . . keep reading

An Example Of How One Dog Trainer Used A Basic, Simple Event To Generate Lots Of Publicity Here's an example of how putting together a demonstration of your dog training skills can generate local headline news publicity . . . keep reading

Dogged success story A man living in a small northern Trumbull County township is making a big name for himself in the dog training business. . . . keep reading

Ten New Years Resolutions for Professional Dog Trainers By Adam G. Katz Start the new year out right by setting and following resolutions that will help you achieve your goals. Here are ten resolutions to get you started. . . . keep reading

How To Make The Marketing Of Your Dog Training Business Go Viral By Adam G. Katz Here's a simple and fun way to make the marketing of your dog training business go viral. Last week a friend sent me this cute...

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