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Deskwatcher - computer and internet monitoring software

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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Is somebody else using your PC? Worried about what your kids, students or employees are doing on their computers? You have a right to... and with DeskWatcher you can do something about it.

Do you know what's happening on your computer? DeskWatcher is more than just a tool to spy on your computer users. It's a complete PC surveillance software package, designed to be easy to use and deliver useful results.

Business and personal uses DeskWatcher includes a robust keylogger... now you can see what your children or colleagues are typing in their emails, chatrooms, social sites such as MySpace, etc... increase productivity and protect your company!

Main features • Monitor all keystrokes • Monitor all websites visited • Monitor all programs run • Takes automatic screenshots • Runs in the background, well hidden • Secretly emails reports

I was shocked to find what websites my kids were visiting on their computer. If it wasn't for this simple program I would never have known, this simple program might have saved their lives!

Thanks to this software we were able to catch an employee leaking sensitive information to our competitors... DeskWatch has paid for itself many times over, thank you!!

The easiest and most cost-effective computer monitoring program available All of DeskWatcher's features have been requested by customers and created with YOU in mind... zero learning curve! If theres something you'd like to see in DeskWatcher, let us know and we'll add it! With an affordable 1-year licence option, DeskWatcher is what you've been looking for.

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