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Copy dazzle: complete minisite, salespage, squeeze page & graphic collection!

Posted by Euphory Girl on Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

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Face it. If you want to stand out online and make people notice your website, you NEED sizzling hot designs and high quality graphics for every offer you create. With hundreds of competitors in your market, sometimes the ONLY difference between gaining a customer or losing a sale, is in the "cosmetic appeal" of your website. Think about your own experiences when buying online. Would you rather purchase a product from a website that looks like it's been slapped together by an 8 year old playing around in Paintshop Pro, or from a website with crisp, clean and high quality graphics that truly represents the product and adds instant "perceived value" to the offer? High quality, professional designs and graphics will win them over every time. Graphics help potential customers visualize the products they are purchasing and for many, graphics will capture and hold attention easier than ANY other element of your offer. Your visitors eyes will be drawn to the graphics, and you can use this to your advantage by highlighting positive points and important benefits of your product or website! In the web development arena, we call this "graphical eye candy", and when used effectively, this technique will literally skyrocket your sales, instantly! But before you rush off to hire an expensive web designer or graphic artist (at up to $200 per hour), let me show you a brand new, easy way to add sizzle to your sales pages and websites without having to pay a fortune AND without having to lift a finger yourself. We've called this special collection, "Copy Dazzle", because it was designed with ONE thing in mind >> to capture the attention of your visitors and dazzle your audience with gorgeous, professionally designed websites and sales page elements. With our exclusive collection of sales page...

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