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Constipation causes for women: rid yourself of bloating, flatulence and fatigue

Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

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In 1992 Dr. Mauro began training in the martial art of Aikido Yoshinkai and in 2003, he earned a 3rd degree black belt. It was Aikido that originally opened his eyes to living a more natural lifestyle -- staying more balanced physically and mentally.

In 1995, he began receiving help from a Naturopathic Doctor for some digestive trouble he was experiencing. This first introduction to natural medicine resulted in him meeting other Naturopathic Doctors and finally making a life-changing decision.

Despite the fact he had just completed 6 years of university, including a Masters degree in Education, Dr. Mauro abandoned his teaching career, entered Naturopathic College, emerging four years later an ND.

Though Dr. Mauro has helped patients with a wide variety of disorders, he's found the most success helping people with gut trouble. "I like the fact that it's so easy to see an improvement," he says. "If you're constipated, only going once a week, and you start going everyday, you KNOW you're getting better."

"I started practising what Dr. Mauro taught in his 7 Constipation Causes booklet... now I have a bowel movement once a day!"

Having gone through all your 7 parts the results are just amazing and I...

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