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Complete package - explore meditation

Posted by Euphory Girl on Sabtu, 18 Januari 2014

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The Magical Color Shower allows you to experience simple breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques.

Awakening Your Spirit safely introduces you to ‘spirit guides’, and starts to develop your awareness of your spiritual energy and power.

The Beginner’s Chakra Balance ensures that energy is flowing freely through your body, which assists emotional and mental balance and physical good health.

The White Light Protection meditation connects you with the Energy of Purity, and you call it to continually protect yourself and your loved ones.

The Chakra Color meditation systematically cleans, purifies and charges your chakra system. You will feel complete and energized.

The Higher Self and Inner Child meditation introduces you to both of these very important aspects of your being. You spend time in their energy and receive the many benefits each imparts.

The Meet Your Spirit Guide meditation is an important milestone in your spiritual growth. You are led into a sacred circle to spend time learning from the wisdom of this special being.

The Higher Self Alignment is all about taking control of your great power. You connect with the cosmic force of pure energy that is your higher self, and the grounding energies of Mother Earth. Drawing them to your heart center, you find peace within that power.

The Cosmic Heart Meditation takes you to the essence of your creation and being. It gives perspective to your soul’s journey, and connects you with your spiritual wisdom.

The Past Life Regression Meditation allows...

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