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Advanced asian - dating tips for asian men

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

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"The information that Lin packs into this 100+ page e-book is magnificent. Besides the fact that I really enjoy his writing style, Lin has packed a TON of content in his e-book. This may be called a dating guide for Asians, but I feel that it can benefit anyone. It is a complete dating guide with information from changing your lifestyle to how to have a successful date." - Lance, AmpedAsia.com Read the entire review at AmpedAsia

GREAT book, it actually had a lot of information that I had never thought about before. I am really looking forward to trying out the stuff you mention in your 30-day plans. Also very interesting the sections about Asian girls. Also I really like how Steven writes. It's almost like a novel. It's very well-written and it's also funny in many places. Good stuff. A+ book. Thanks for giving me the chance to review it. - Andrew Kao

Thanks a lot Steven. I was actually able to start getting numbers at the club after reading your book. I had NEVER gotten a number before in my life at a club. - Benji

Thirty day plans were really helpful for keeping me accountable. I feel like they were very key in helping me improve. - Winston

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