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A Life That Counts - Written by Jeremy Rolleston

Posted by Euphory Girl on Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

A Life That Counts | Written by Jeremy Rolleston
We’ve all read plenty of books that promise to finally transform our lives and turn us into happy, rich and successful people. We've said the clever phrases, attended the seminars, applied the 'Law of Attraction' and yet nothing really changes. There's no lasting change.

Many books tell you what to do but not how to do it, yet knowing what to do and knowing how to make it happen are two different things. Or said another way, the way you put knowledge into practice is just as important as the knowledge itself. This book is different. 'A Life that Counts' helps you put that knowledge into practice – to help you become all you want to be!

Two-time Olympian Jeremy Rolleston reveals step-by-step tools, strategies, psychology and techniques used by Olympic and World champions. People who speak from experience (not theory) and who have been there and done it. Read their real life stories. Discover what really makes them tick. Uncover their secrets and see how they have used these timeless principles and simple tools and techniques to achieve remarkable success.

This is your invitation to join the inner circle and learn from the lessons of ten famous and successful Australians including …

You’ll come away from this book with an exciting vision of your potential and the confidence, knowledge, strategies and tools needed to successfully follow your dreams and live an extraordinary, authentic, and purposeful life. Check it out below.

"As an Olympic Gold medallist I know how much it takes to turn a dream into a reality. Learning how others have done it will most... Read More Detail

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